Dave Miller (Writer/Director/Producer)
David’s film debut as a writer, actor and producer, Chick Bloodhound, was a featured selection of the 2001 Seattle International Film Festival. His short Pickup was included in Northwest Film Forum’s 2005 Local Sightings festival. He co-curated Painters of Blight, a group art exhibition hosted by Roq la Rue gallery, which featured more than two dozen prominent artists paying tribute and making light of the work of Thomas Kinkade and Jack T. Chick. His reviews, essays and stories have appeared in numerous publications. David produced Marrow, directed by Matt Wilkins, which premiered in competition at the 2011 Cinequest International Film Festival. Upcoming releases include These Promises, directed by Hans Eric Hollstein.

Derick Avitt (Director of Photography/Producer)
Derick began his career in filmmaking as an intern for a small, now defunct, digital production company – Freeze Frame productions. Before the company lost its distribution for the being ‘too factual’ (actual quote from distributor), Derick had become the primary editor on the drug information series they were working on. When the company closed its doors in ’99 Derick put himself through the Film and Video program at Seattle Central Community College, finishing the program with the 16mm short The Rose which he wrote and directed. He co-produced and directed photography for the short Pickup and produced the HDV feature The Audience Strikes Back that is in the final stages of post-production. Derick has worked on several film and video projects including the 35mm feature The Standard (2nd AC and Loader) and the 16mm short The Suit (1st AC). In addition he has had various positions on several television programs shooting locally and worked for ABC and ESPN sports on short lead-in pieces for primetime Seahawks games. Currently Avitt is working for AV Factory doing video installations.