Greta Wilson as Lucky

Cherilynn Brooks as Lena

Brian Saltzman as a Relationship Representative


Directed by Dave Miller
Produced by Derick Avitt and Dave Miller
Written by David R. Drake and Dave Miller
Cinematography by Derick Avitt

Production Designer: Regan MacStravik

Edited by Alex Perrault

Original Score Composed and Performed by Marcus Oldham

Prop Designer: David R. Drake
Set Builder: Doug Staley

Assistant Director: Allison Eckert
2nd Assistant Director: Bryan Campbell

Unit Production Manager: Tammy Weyers

Wardrobe: Julia Evanovich & K.D. Schill

Assistant Camera: Alan Certeza & Ken Rowe
2nd Assistant Camera: James Reeves

Gaffer: Shawn Anderson
Grip: John Elkin
Grip: Jason Deurkopf
Best Boy Electric: Brody Willis

Sound: Michael Kleven
Hair/Makeup: Krystal Strifert
Property Designer: David R. Drake
Extras Coordinator: Ryan Ricks
Catering: Matt Baer

Production Intern: Jerry Nash
Production Intern: Cole VanWeiringen

Production Assistant: Joshua Guerci
Production Assistant: Allum Ross
Production Assistant: Kyle Shelton
Production Assistant: Leigh Haddix

Post Production Sound Mixer: Guy Staley
Sound Design: Luca Fusi

Color Correction: John Davidson Color

Concept Artist: Robert Rini
Concept Artist: David R. Drake

Production Art: Robert Rini
Production Art: Pat Moriarity
Production Art: David R. Drake
Production Art: Nathan Eyring

Title Design: Pat Moriarity

Pre-Production Sound: Allan Simmons
Pre-Production Makeup Artist: Anne Sellery
Pre-Production Stand-In: Bethany Clear
Pre-Production Stand-In: Brian Saltzman
Pre-Production Hanging Out: Gary Merbach

Filmed at The Production Stop, Burien, Washington and on location in Seattle and Snoqualmie, Washington.