Saturday, May 28, 2011


Somewhere in the future, a relationship representative named Lucky saves prospective couples the time and drudgery of courtship by professionally standing in for one party and evaluating the level of likely interest on behalf of her client. She finds herself in an unusual predicament and a role for which she never rehearsed, when she is assigned to meet Lena Nigari, a young woman doing something unheard of — going on a date herself.

Charismatic Leader Films presents a futuristic love story starring Greta Wilson and Cherilynn Brooks.

Directed by Dave Miller and filmed in 35mm Panavision by Derick Avitt.

Love in the Year 2000 was filmed in 2011. Now we're editing, composing the score and raising the last of the money we need. We've raised more than $15,000 in grants and donations in support of this project, including a 4Culture grant to support project pre-production. The project was a finalist for the 2009 Independent Feature Project/Seattle Spotlight Award. And we received a $75,000 equipment grant from Panavision. We're 80% done - we just need around $15,000 to prep the film and transfer it to a release print for a 2013 festival release.

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