Love in the Year 2000 is a science fiction story, set in an alternate history America of the year 2000. It tells the story of Lucky, a “relationship representative,” who saves prospective couples the time and drudgery of courtship by professionally standing in for one of the parties in a first-date situation, and evaluating the level of likely interest in the other party on behalf of her client. Of course, in the year 2000, the use of relationship representatives has become so widespread, it is a near-certainty both parties are representatives standing in for their respective clients, going through the motions, making mental notes to prepare reports the next morning. And so it is, shortly after the film opens, that Lucky finds herself in an unusual predicament (and a role for which she never rehearsed), when she is assigned to meet with Lena Nigari, a young woman doing something unheard of — going on a date herself.

Love in the Year 2000 was shot in May, 2011 and we need your help more than ever. We have raised more than $15,000 in grants and individual donations in support of this project, including a 4Culture grant to support project pre-production. The project was a finalist for the 2009 Independent Feature Project/Seattle Spotlight Award. And that $75,000 equipment grant from Panavision. We need to raise $14,000 more to pay for our production insurance and post-production expenses.

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